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    April Regular Membership Meeting Monday Apr 17th at 6PM; Special Membership Meeting Tuesday May 16th at 6PM.

    The next membership meeting of the ILEU shall be on April 17th and it will be hosted on Zoom with registration, as is now typical. All submitted ILEU Constitution and By-Law proposals will be presented to the membership at this meeting along with the Resolutions Committee recommendations followed by debate and a vote on each proposal. As this meeting will be quite long, an abridged agenda will be used and a Special Meeting will be called on Tuesday May 16th on Zoom to perform the normal business functions of the Union. The meeting agenda shall be posted closer to the meeting date (s).

    Internet Meeting Rules

    These rules govern Internet Meetings to provide direction and transparency while attempting to preserve as much of the parliamentary procedure as possible in a digital setting. They are updated from time to time by the Executive Board.

    Robert’s Rules of Order Quick Guide

    In order to help facilitate speedier meetings and provide a quick reference guide of how to interact at meetings with parliamentary procedure, we have found this quick reference helpful. The Chair of the meetings is also able to assist members with the proper motions if they ask how to perform a specific action.