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Grievance Resolutions

    The two primary mechanisms Union’s have to enforce the rights we have as represented employees are Grievances and Unfair Labor Practices. Grievances are alleged violations of the Contract between the Union and the Company. ULPs are alleged violations of the Law and are ultimately prosecuted by the Federal Government. Grievance resolutions are negotiated between the Union. and the Company, or an Arbiter if the two parties cannot come to an agreement on the matter. Below are some of the latest Grievance resolutions that show how Union leadership is fighting for and maintaining your rights.

    23-003 Permanent Contracted Position performing, Non-Permanent Contract Position Work

    The Company chose to have a 3rd party company perform work that had been previously performed by Auto Technicians. When that 3rd party proved unreliable, the work was brought back on-site. However the Company attempted to give the work to a Mechanic job family contractor, rather than the Auto Technicians. After hearing our Grievance, the Company agree to transition the work back to the Auto Technicians and provide them training on the job.

    23-004 Termination without Just Cause

    The Company terminated an employee for missing work hours on the first offense, despite clear past practice of issuing warnings for lost time. This Grievance has been escalated through all 3 steps and the Union is preparing to file for Arbitration on the matter.

    23-005 Assignment of Overtime to Contractor over Represented Employee

    A contractor was assigned overtime despite a qualified bargaining unit employee being available and willing to do the work. The employee was made whole and paid the overtime that was withheld from them.