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Election 2023

    Results for the 2023 ILEU Executive Board elections are listed below, an email was sent to all members with the vote break downs.

    ILEU Election Winners for all positions (All four (4) Officers, three (3) Delegates, and six (6) Stewards) will serve from December 1, 2023 until April/May of 2024 when we run our first USW elections. Unfortunately, due to the strict nature of the laws governing local union elections, we cannot just delay the election until April/May which would alleviate having to run two elections. Nominees are listed below from the October 10th membership meeting.

    The voting divisions can be seen in the chart linked below. Each member will vote for the Steward that represents their Job Title,, two Delegates (the At-Large and the Delegate that represents their Job Title), and all four Officers. Our Constitution also allows write-in candidates for each position. When you receive your ballot please make your votes clear with no stray marks and do not vote for more than one candidate for each position.

    Election Results

    • President
      Donald Carpenter
    • Vice President
      Mike Strasser
    • Secretary
      Beth Walker
    • Treasurer
      Garrett Wadsworth
    • Delegate: At-Large
      Steve Ragomo
    • Delegate: Research Techs, Info Techs, Admins
      Mike Molina
    • Delegate: Auto Techs, Operators, Electronic Techs, Mechanics, Materials Coord
      Open Position
    • Steward: PR&O Research Techs
      Dave Moser
    • Steward: PO&T Research Techs
      Todd Jakub
    • Steward: ACT Research Techs, Info Techs, Admin
      Alaina Willard
    • Steward: Electronic Techs, Mechanics, Materials Coord
      Andrew Phillips
    • Steward: Auto Techs
      John Anthony Cortese
    • Steward: Operators
      Eric Alter