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Posted Amendments

    Shown on this page are the current pending Amendments for the ILEU Constitution and By-Laws. These motions shall be debated and voted upon at the April Membership Meeting which will be on Monday April 17th, 2023 on Zoom. The proposals are shown with the original… Read More »Posted Amendments

    Grievance Resolutions

      The two primary mechanisms Union’s have to enforce the rights we have as represented employees are Grievances and Unfair Labor Practices. Grievances are alleged violations of the Contract between the Union and the Company. ULPs are alleged violations of the Law and are ultimately prosecuted… Read More »Grievance Resolutions


        April Regular Membership Meeting Monday Apr 17th at 6PM; Special Membership Meeting Tuesday May 16th at 6PM. The next membership meeting of the ILEU shall be on April 17th and it will be hosted on Zoom with registration, as is now typical. All submitted ILEU… Read More »Meetings

        CBA and Constitution

          The CBA is in the process of being updated. As soon as the new file is finished and available, it will be updated here. ETA March 2023. The Constitution has been revised for the changes made by the Membership at the December 2022 Regular Membership… Read More »CBA and Constitution