In July 2017, the Company rolled out a brand-new policy granting paid time off to new mothers and fathers called Paid Parental Time Off (PPTO). This policy represents an enormous source of relief to these new parents. It allows new flexibility for work-life balance that not only makes people work safer, but smarter.

PPTO grants 8 weeks of paid time off at perhaps the most critical time in a parent’s life. The type of policy is invaluable to potential employees weighing their employment options throughout the industry, and the Company obviously recognizes this.

This new policy, which the Company is advertising heavily, is not being applied without prejudice: The Company has specifically elected not to extend this policy to Union represented employees.

There have been occasions where the Company has referred to all employees as family. Upper management has expressed a desire to treat us all the same. Their actions do not reflect this.

If ExxonMobil wants to tell the world that family is one of its foundational values, don’t you think they should show it?


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