Status Update (new): July 1st, 2021

The ILEU Executive Board has elected to bring the Company's current offer before the membership for a ratification vote.

The full terms of the Company's current offer being brought to a vote can be viewed External link opens in new tab or windowhere.
The deadline for the ratification bonus has been extended to July 15th.


C2 - What is it?

C2 is the Company’s proposal for contracting.  Originally it was simply a proposal to eliminate the administrative requirement for the Company to notify the Union if it lets contracts over a certain dollar amount.


On May 25th, 2018, Arbitrator Joyce Klein concurred with the Union’s assertion that the Company violated the CBA by permanently filling bargaining unit positions with contractors and directed “that the Company cease and desist the permanent contracting of bargaining unit positions”.


Six days later, during what was originally the last scheduled day of bargaining, The Company drastically altered C2.  Since that day, the Union and the Company met an additional 54 times.  The Company has described C2 as their “most important item” and “the reason we are all here [at bargaining]”.


The Company has been describing this proposal as seeking “flexibility” in all of their communications to the employee base. 


We only ask that you consider the proposal for yourself.


C2 - The Company proposes the following side agreement regarding contracting:


The Company may, across all job families, utilize contractors to staff relative to projects, work fluctuations, and other short term or discrete business needs.  For the duration of this agreement, the Company may also continue any contracting of work and/or positions done prior to the date of this letter and the Company is not obligated during the term of this side agreement to replace those contractors with employees. The Company may contract any job families, for which it has proposed to permanently contract, without objection from the Union for the length of this side agreement.  Those job families are: Mechanics, Material & Services Coordinator, Maintenance & Operations, Audio Visual, Graphics Design, Senior Repro Tech, Repro Services Tech Asst., Services Trainee, Sr. Admin. Tech, and Tech/Asst. All employees currently in these positions will retain their jobs until they retire, are promoted, are terminated according to the provisions of Articles XXVI or XXVII, or leave on their own accord.  The provisions of Article XVIII pertaining to demotions, layoffs, repromotions, and recalling of employees remain in effect.


Notwithstanding the above paragraph or Article XVIII of the CBA, the Company has the right, without limitation, to have any work of a type customarily performed by bargaining unit employees performed offsite by third parties.


The notification amount in under Article XVIII has been changed to $250,000 for the length of this agreement.


To the extent there is a dispute between this side agreement and any other provisions of the CBA, this side letter shall govern.


Any arbitrator ruling regarding what positions may be contracted and/or the duration of contracting (e.g., temporary or permanent) shall be limited to the express terms of this letter and Article XVIII.  Any arbitrator ruling on these contracting matters shall not consider prior arbitration awards, custom, prior practice, industry standards, or any other provision of the CBA.


This agreement will remain in effect until the expiration of the CBA, and it may be modified with the mutual consent of the parties hereto.

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